Transport Survey

On the 15th March, the Government published 'Bus Back Better', the long-term national bus strategy for England (outside London). The announcements included:

• simpler bus fares with daily price caps, so people can use the bus as many times a day as they need without facing mounting costs
• more services in the evenings and at the weekends
• integrated services and ticketing across all transport modes, so people can easily move from bus to train
• all buses to accept contactless payments.

The strategy will be critical in improving interconnectivity across West Yorkshire.

I want to hear your views on transport and connectivity in Wakefield. Please complete my survey below:

Transport Survey

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  • 3 Looking ahead
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If you are in work or school/college, how do you usually get there?
How do you normally get to your regular supermarket or local shops for essential shopping?
How long does it take you to walk to your nearest railway station from your home?
If you have had to travel between Westgate and Kirkgate stations, how would you get there?